How to order? offers you to download music as mp3-files or texts as pdf-files. You may place your order by choosing your desired product and, if applicable, your desired download option (sometimes there is only one download option).


The download options refer to KBPS (KiloBytesPerSecond) and correspond with the size of the file, and thereby its quality. Most mp3-players run with 128 KBPS. Files with 320 KBPS, having the highest available quality, are approx. double the size of a usual mp3-audiofile.


Once you have chosen your download option, you may proceed with your order by clicking the “Add to Cart”-Button. You will be forwarded to your cart, where you can either “Continue shopping” or “Proceed to Checkout” by clicking the respective buttons.


Your cart gives an overview of your chosen products and whether you have reached a discount-limit. Then, by clicking “Proceed to Checkout”, you can choose the mode of payment. At this point, you need to either login to your personal account or register to create an account.


If you are not living in Germany, but in the European Union, and have a registered business with a valid VAT-identification number, you may purchase our products without paying VAT. This also applies to all customers who are non-EU-residents. After login, the prices will be displayed without VAT.


You may then select a billing address or enter a new address. Press “Continue” and choose your preferred mode of payment. These are your choices:

  • Credit Card

  • (only from Germany, Belgium, Netherlands und Austria)

  • Prepayment

  • PayPal (available from 5,- Euro sales value)


If you have Credit Units that are below the sales value, another mode of payment will be shown in order to use your credit units. Due to a system update it is not possible to buy new credit points at the moment.


Once you have chosen your preferred mode of payment, you may proceed to a summary of the details of your order by clicking “Continue”. This is the final step before placing the order and allows you to correct, amend and/ or confirm your order.


In case you have chosen Credit Card, or PayPal as your mode of payment, you will now be forwarded to the respective external website in order to process the payment. Afterwards, you will be redirected to our website. In the meantime, you will have received an Email with the download-links for your products.


You may also start the download from your personal account (see the link underneath the navigation in the top left corner)


In case you have chosen prepayment, your downloads are not yet available. As soon as the payment is successfully transferred to our bank account, you will receive an Email with a link to activate your download.