How to order?

Music and text files

  • You can download MP3 music files and text files.
  • The music files are recognized and readable by every player.
  • Complete music albums are made available in a compressed folder in ZIP format.
    Please "unzip" the ZIP folder to access and use the MP3 files.
    Almost all computer systems extract ZIP folders automatically by double-clicking. 


Different options

When availalble, select an option in the product view, for example:

  • Different lengths (Meditation lengths)
  • Language variations
  • Additional content (Yoga Set or Meditation as PDF)
  • Different quality sizes

Sometimes there is only one download option.


Quality sizes in KBPS

The KBPS value means kilobytes per second and refers to the quality and size of the music file.

  • 128 KBPS is a standard quality size.
  • 320 KBPS is a quality size with optimal quality. The files are about twice as large, but also noticeably better in their sound quality.

Most of our offers are therefore created in 320 KBPS.


Shopping Cart

Once you have selected the desired option, click on the button "add to cart".

You will be redirected to the shopping cart and can either continue shopping, or complete the order.

In the shopping cart you have an overview of all ordered products and see if a discount limit has been reached.

By clicking on the button "Checkout", you can choose the payment method.

If you are not yet logged in, log in here with your access data or register as a new customer. 


Info on VAT

Choose a Payment Option

You are shown your billing address and can now choose from the following payment methods:

  • Pay Now (Deutschland, Belgien, Niederlande, Österreich)
  • Credit Card
  • Prepayment by bank transfer
  • PayPal (from 5,- Euros)


If you have Credit Points that do not exceed the sales value of your order, you are offered to use your Credit Points for payment.

After selecting the payment method you will get to the overview page. Here you can check your order one last time and conclude your purchase.

If you have selected as payment method Pay Now, Credit Card or PayPal, you will be redirected to the website of the payment provider, where the payment is processed securely and encrypted.

Immediate Download