- Circle of Light - Gurudass CD complete

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This top-selling CD from Gurudass Singh and Kaur is really a great meditation CD. It has 6 mantras each 11 minutes and the song 'Circle of Light' 3 minutes.

The RA MA DA SA mantra in this CD (as we think the most wonderful track on this CD) takes you into a deep state of bliss and opens the heart, opening the space for healing and meditation. All mantras are carried by beautiful melodies and arrangements, and are wonderfully recorded. The song "Circle of Light" is a small jewel of spiritual poetry and inspiration.
Tracks: Ek Ong Kar 11 min
Ad Gurey Nameh 11 min
Ra Ma Da Sa 11 min
Aap Sahai Hoa 11 min
Guru Guru Wahe Guru 11 min
Circle of light 2:52 min
Ek Ong kar Sat Gurprasad. 11 min

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Price : €11.00
incl. 19% VAT
- Circle of Light - Gurudass CD complete
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