Amar Atma Kaur

Amar Atma Kaur

Amar Atma Kaur is a new age Kundalini Yoga Teacher (3 level) with 17 years of experience, Gong Healing Master and Mantras Performer.

She leads a very active life, jumps with a parachute, goes in for horse riding, proving from her own experience that it is very interesting to consciously walk along the spiritual path.

Also she known for her musical interpretations of yogic mantras. She calls them "Mantras for urban life". These mantras are full of vibratory musicality that enhance consciousness and awareness. Her mantras flow gracefully between poetry and meditation, while her warm voice radiates peace and beauty. Richly layered, rhythmic foundation takes listeners beyond the every day realm to a place of inspired, energized experience.

You can follow the adventures in the life of Amar Atma on her page -

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